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Looking Back | February.

…and just like that, another month has flown by. So many things about February made me smile:

  • sunshine and blue skies (honestly, the month felt kind of gray while it happened…but clearly these photos tell a different story!)
  • early signs of spring at the very end of the month – that tree on the 27th is the one I’ve designated for “Spring Watch”; I hope by the time I do this post for March it’s full on green. We’ll see!
  • our trip to Madison (especially the “three of us” cheers on the 15th)
  • knitting! three WIPs and four FOs
  • Charlie – now 5-1/2 months old (featured in eight photos, including one with his mama and one with me #quiltselfie)
  • and finally, Holly…twice. 

oh, and I love that the 28 days fit neatly into just four rows!

I also tallied up my Daily Yoga story and colored in all the little circles.

This represents over 17 hours of yoga spread across 26 days (I missed two and I’m trying hard to Let It Go!) The trip to Madison and the ice and snow had a real impact on taking classes. I’m thinking that’s probably a good lesson to get through this early in the year. I remind myself the point is not to color in all the circles, it’s to improve my flexibility, balance and strength. Missing a few classes…and/or a few days doesn’t matter. The classes are getting a little easier. And I sleep great after a before-bedtime relaxation routine. 61 days in, this seems like time definitely well-spent!


  • Bonny

    Charlie grows ever cuter as he grows up! I can't believe all the blue skies in Feb.; I hope there are even more in March. Your great photos are making me seriously consider Instagram when I've tried so hard to resist one more social media thing!

  • Lydia

    I too noticed (and loved) how the 4 weeks were in nice neat rows. 59/61 is not a bad percentage-I'd take that "grade"! I'm hoping March will be more colorful in terms of outside photos.

  • Honoré

    Great collage…love seeing that happy Charlie face and those blue skies; almost forgetting what they look like! As for the yoga circles: you go girl! Great job. Keep it up!