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Ten on Tuesday | Guilty Pleasures.

NOT a guilty pleasure…just a pleasure. one of many out-takes from today – and a fun way to kick off the post!

…nothing like a little bit of secret sharing to brighten up our days, right! This week, Carole’s asked us to share guilty pleasures – here’s my top 10 list:

1. popcorn and wine. for dinner.
2. buying yarn when I already have yarn.
3. Bailey’s in my coffee.
4. an afternoon nap.
5. HGTV.
7. Martha Stewart and Ina Garten. (magazine, cookbooks, cooking shows and some of the best tasting recipes. ever. not sure I really do feel guilty about that)
8. Downton Abbey. I only say I’m watching it for the costumes…
9. Horoscopes.
10. People-watching at Starbucks. (yep, they nailed me!)
…and one more for the few of you who didn’t see this on Instagram. Guilty? not a chance!!!
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