…I’ve never seen the movie Up, but I’ve been hearing about “Squirrel!” for years. And it’s the best metaphor I have to describe what I experience every other week authoring the shop’s newsletter.
I started writing the newsletter late last summer; to date, we’ve published 18 issues. And I’ve started ten eleven projects as a result. The good news is that I’ve finished all but two of them. 
One is the Casco Bay Cardigan I started last week. I was patting myself on the back after publishing the Sparrow Sans letter four weeks ago…and then we got some new cotton in the shop. I bought a sweater’s worth before it had even been shelved. I finished the body today (and the FO might even be featured in a future newsletter. win!)
The other is Polar Opposites. I know the exact moment I heard Squirrel!
Yep, this photo – I just love the textures and the colors.
And I realized I had a really nice neutral bulky yarn on hand. Never mind that it was partially knit up in another Squirrel! project. Yesterday morning I ripped out Kantha and and yesterday afternoon I bought a skein of Ulura…and cast on.
Here’s my progress after about two hours of knitting. Given our weather forecast, I’m thinking I’ll be able to wear it at least a few times this season. (that’s good news and bad news 🙂
Do you succumb to Squirrel! please share!


  • Bonny

    I may have been known to succumb to Squirrel, but my problem is that I start far more than I finish. Whenever I toss/organize/try to cull my stash, I find some lovely single skein and my first thought is "Hitchhiker!", so I have more than my share started. Even with lots of Squirrel projects, you have a very impressive finishing/starting ratio. I thought your Kantha was nice, but I really LOVE this Polar Opposite – no ripping this project!

  • margene

    Almost everything I knit is a Squirrel! project. New yarn or new pattern, I have a habit of saying "yes!". Trouble is I am a slow knitter. Love the sweater you're making. It just goes to show Squirrel! projects can be very good choices!

  • Sue

    Squirrel happens to me daily!! I am now running to my stash to look for yarn to make Polar Opposites, since it was -7 here this morning! Didn't even get to 0 degrees until 11am! Thinking Eco Duo doubled might work!! 🙂

  • dbshade

    I have a version of Squirrel!, but fortunately, it doesn't involve actually buying the yarn/patterns. I get distracted by perusing patterns and thinking how much I'd like to make such and such. If I indulged every one of those whims, I would definitely be in trouble. What happens is I will "favorite" them so I don't forget about them and ultimately I will go through my favorites and see some of them and think "what was I thinking?? I will NEVER make that!!" 🙂 Into the trash bin it goes; no harm, no foul.

  • Lydia

    I've been pretty successful with not "feeding" the squirrel lately, however, I think that will change when the new Shibui yarns come out!

  • Vicki Knitorious

    Most of my projects are "Squirrel" projects, too, but I'm much more prone to buying/collecting patterns because of it — whether the project is ever actually started is another story.