Just Life


…of my One Little Word. I’m really committed to following through on all this word promises for this year. Little reminders can’t hurt!First is this beautiful wood carving, a gift from my sweet friend Honore (this is our sixth year sharing the OLW journey!) It lives in front of Charlie’s photo* on my desk. and seems so appropriate since he is such a big part of why I chose the word.

Thanks to Kym’s recommendation, I also have these reminders to wear. Love the tiny tinkles they make as they bump up against each other when I knit – or move my hands (as I often do!).

Have to say…the excitement about this word is still there. I can’t wait to see where we go next!*the calendar was a Christmas gift from Charlie, made by his talented mama at Pinhole Press.


  • margene

    The carved wood "present" is a lovely reminder, as are the bracelets. I have a feeling your word is with you always, as you move throughout your day with or without the reminders.

  • Bonny

    Your calendar, carved wood "present" and their placement is perfect! I love my bracelets as reminders of what's important and have worn them daily for a long time, but I haven't yet found the ideal reminder for my word. So far it's just lots of candles as an attempt to bring some light to this dark, dreary time. Enjoy your present!

  • Honor√©

    what a wonderful way to keep your word forever present in your life; love, love Charlie's "everyday present" via his mom. love the bracelets, too. I have a similar one: live.laugh.learn…I think that's what it says…but it's that rubber plastic. I love the idea of jingling, bracelets…funny, I just picked up my copy of Gift From the Sea and thought I'd put it in my Feb "to read "stack…great minds…