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Looking Back | December.

…I know it’s only the third day of 2015 but I already feel behind. Maybe because we had way too much fun on New Year’s Eve celebrating the Yellow Jackets fabulous win over Mississippi State.

Or maybe because Marc’s been home for three days and I’m out of my normal routine (plus shopping for new furniture for our keeping room!)

So today I’ve got one last look back at 2014 and I’ll be back on Monday to share more about what’s in store for 2015.

It’s still a Charlie show (five times!), but this month he also has his mama three times and his daddy once (and his Poppa’s fingers once, too – on Christmas Day – one of my favorite photos of the whole month!)

But the bigger story is that I managed to get myself into the picture…four times! (and wow, only one of Holly!)

There was knitting, but it felt like I slowed down (in a good way). For the first time in many years, there were no knitted gifts under the tree and it made for a much nicer month (note to self – repeat in 2015!)  I count four FOs (a cowl for Sara, a sweater for Charlie, an earwarmer for the shop and a beret for me) and only one WIP (Ondawa for Katie, featured on the 8th and the 22nd…and still in process – I can only hope it’s an FO this month!)

I love all the twinkle lights – our Christmas trees show up nine times…and the trees at the lake (with the sunrise that it currently my blog banner) and at the entrance to our neighborhood. And even though there’s not much sunshine, there are still bright spots of color.

Hope you ended 2014 on a bright note, too!


  • alexa

    Super photos of you all – lots of smiling and happy faces. Never mind the twinkling lights – there are lots of twinkling eyes!

  • margene

    The main thing that shows up in your photos is the joy in everything to do with the season. Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to your 2015!

  • Kym

    Wonderful photos, Mary — and a wonderful holiday for you all, too! I think it's really wise to NOT knit for Christmas. I didn't do any this year either (although I did end up gifting a hat at the last moment; not part of my plans at the start), and it did feel so much nicer. Happy New Year to you! (What, exactly, is a "keeping room"? I'm eager to hear more about that — and see how you furnish it!)