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One Thing for 2015.

…I’ve been watching Elise’s Make29 project from the sidelines all year.  And now, with just two more months to go, I’m excited to finally join in. Her December project, which goes live on Monday, seems just the thing for 2015.

image from Elise’s blog

You can read her post for the full story, but the big idea is to do one thing every day next year. I love having the whole picture on one page. I love boxes to check. and I’m totally buying into the idea that “progress is better than perfection”.

So…now I have to pick the thing. I want it to be meaningful, worthwhile and doable, but a bit of a stretch.

Some ideas that I’ve considered in the past hour include:

  • 10,000 steps
  • learn something new
  • spend time with my journal
  • and/or a devotion
  • read
  • knit
  • connect with a friend

I’d love your input – what would you suggest? (and if you know, what would you choose to do for yourself?)


  • Patty

    Mary!!!! Oh how I love the things you share with us! This is so simply powerful! I love #87 on her list…learn a new word. I also love #76 but it's a little unrealistic! 😉

  • Lydia

    Very interesting and fantastic idea. I might be on board with this-so a suggestion-how about a word of advise or thought for Charlie. I think for me, either knit on a charity project [even for just a few rows] or tell someone they are awesome. I need to think about this one some more.

  • Honoré

    Ohh! You think funny, too! I also was/am intrigued with Elise's Make 29 project and had j*just* set up a calendar reminder for Mon b4 I logged onto Mère et Filles! As for what to choose: I can relate to all your choices; I've a few to add to the list, I'm sure!