Just Life

Not What I'd Planned.

…nope, I had the best intentions of sharing the beginning of my December Daily album but…it’s not ready. In fact, I’ve got nothing except a head full of plans and a heap of enthusiasm (and if I’m being totally honest, because I like to do that here…a fair bit of frustration after spending the whole afternoon trying to print a 4×6 photo “full size” on a 6-1/4×8-1/2 sheet of paper. yeah, it keeps coming out small. and off-center. and I’m not sure that the glass of wine I just poured is going to help me figure it out, but it is still a glass half full!)Instead, I’ve got pretty pictures. First, a sunrise (from the park and my early morning walk with Lauren), full of promise for a month that I can only hope doesn’t fly by as quickly as the last one did…there’s so much I want to savor slowly about December.

And a sunset (just as I arrived at the shop for class). Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…for sure tomorrow’s going to be a great day!

Hope your December is off to a pretty start – full of plans and enthusiasm…and no frustration! 


  • Bonny

    The best laid plans can easily lead to frustration and wine, in my experience! Hoping that frustration is lessened tomorrow with plenty of beauty to notice and savor like today!

  • Lydia

    I also had not planned to do the second coat of paint that I thought Andrew had taken care of, nor that the paint for the trim was not doing the job I thought it would, or did I plan to get white paint in my hair-in other words NOT how I'd planned to spend my day off.