Just Life

Looking Back | November.

…a quick look back at the month of November through the lens of my daily photos.

It’s still a Charlie show, and I love that I also have my dad twice, Katie twice, my mom and Rob.Holly is there three times. and me? well, those are my feet (with Katie’s) on the 22nd, my fingers holding down that swatch on the 14th and my shadow next to Holly on the 6th. I might need to break my “photos taken by me” rule this month.As usual, there was a lot of knitting. I count six FOs (five hats and that Lindsay Coat) and five WIPs (a skirt, two hats, a sweater for Charlie and a cowl … all now finished!)I can really see the season change here, too. That tree at the lake on back on the 3rd is now bare, as is the rose bush in our front yard (from the 9th) and the neighbor’s tree (from the 11th).And how about all the food and drink! (I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single popcorn dinner all month.) …and finally, twinkle lights. It’s definitely that time of year!