Just Life

Date Night.

…(ish?) Marc’s company Christmas party was Saturday night. It’s the first dress-up event we’ve been to in months (actually, maybe nineteen months? yeah, that’s how long Katie’s been married and we missed last year’s party) and I treated it like a full-on date night.
Fun thing about empty nesting (with a husband who likes to play golf on the weekends) is that I have free time on Saturdays. I started early with Lauren and a chilly walk, a healthy lunch and a nap.

Then visited the Bobbi Brown counter for a “smokey eye” lesson, which Christine stretched into a full-on make-up session (and Ann Taylor for stockings, because yikes, I own very opaque tights but nothing suitable for a cold night out!). I told Christine that when I win the lottery, she’s visiting every morning to do my make-up. (along with Carla to do my hair). She tried a few new things, but mostly showed me how to use what I own. One of the “new things” was a lipgloss – Kir Sugar. How appropriate for a holiday party!
I got home in plenty of time to finish my hair, dress, take a photo – and post it to Instagram.

The party was a lot fun. Marc made a point of introducing me (and telling me the “backstories”) which was really nice – it’s been three years since I’ve been to a company event – and the company has grown a lot since then. We sat with his team at dinner and it was great to put faces with names … and connect with the folks Marc sees every day. Bonus points for great food, good wine…and a co-worker who took our photo on the way out.

It was after eleven when we got home. I’m glad I went. and Marc was too. Maybe it was a real date night, not an “ish”?