Just Life

…’tis the season.

…for holiday sangria!

It always feels like the holidays when I break out the tupperware pitcher, cut up fruit, add whole spices, and mix it up with some Cointreau and a big (cheap) bottle of red wine. Tomorrow, for brunch, I’ll pour it into a pretty glass pitcher, add a bottle of good ginger ale (because I couldn’t find ginger beer today)…and toast the beginning of the season.

I took these photos last December when I made a double batch for a girlfriend’s birthday. You can see more of the process and the ingredients (and the ginger beer I managed to find then!)

Holiday Sangria
(originally inspired by Sprouted Kitchen)
Half an apple, thinly sliced (pear works well too…or a combination of both)
2 clementines, quartered
Half a lemon, sliced
(you can also add grapes, halved)
1 T whole cloves
1 T whole allspice
1 cinnamon stick
2/3 C Cointreau
1.5 liter bottle of not-so-nice dry red wine
12 oz ginger beer (or really ginger-y ginger ale)

Put the fruit into a pitcher, then add the spices, the Contreau and the wine. Refrigerate overnight. To serve, pour the whole mixture into a pretty glass pitcher and top with the ginger beer/ale.