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Throwback Thursday | Travels with Sara.

…Sara had a birthday this week. Her first of maybe many that she’s celebrating so far away we aren’t even making plans for a catchup party here. I Instagrammed the photo above from her first birthday and then spent more than a few minutes going back through the photos on my phone. I snagged a shot of this awesome annual summary that shows I’ve been to France, Italy and the US this year.

While I’ve been a few places without Sara (South Carolina and Florida twice), we were together for that big trip to Europe and the milestone visit to Wisconsin (remember that was one of only seven states I hadn’t visited before this year). Those photos recalled the good times we shared. First in Paris.

At the Eiffel Tower light show (sharing the requisite bottle of sparkling wine).

Then in Florence.

On the Ponte Vecchio.

And then in Madison (twice).

At Sardine for brunch (before I went to the airport to fly back to Atlanta without her).
Thank you, Sara, for all the wonderful memories! xo.


  • Honoré

    Happy, Happy Birthday to Sara! Reliving all those trips especially the Europe one must have been fun. I enjoyed tagging along vicariously.

  • Kym

    It's hard enough to have them so far from home . . . but even harder on those milestone days! So glad you and Sara had some memorable trips together this year. I hope she's settling in and enjoying her new life in Madison — and I really hope you'll be able to be together for some of the coming holiday season.

  • margene

    Sara must have missed being home for her special day. You have many lovely memories and many more to make over the coming years. Happy Birthday, Sara.

  • Carole Julius

    We haven't faced a birthday without Hannah yet as she's always been close to home but I know it will happen some day and I know it will be strange. I hope looking back on your trips with Sara made it easier to not be together on her birthday.

  • Bonny

    Birthdays apart are tough but looking back on your travels with Sara and all the wonderful memories is a great way to put a big smile on your face. I love all the great mother-daughter smiles and lovely knitting in almost every photo!

  • Patty

    Happy Birthday Sara! I haven't seen Dan on his birthday in 4 years! I always make him take a picture of himself and send it to me. You've had quite the wonderful year my friend!