Just Life

Looking Up | Late Afternoon Walk.

…I felt well enough* for a short walk this afternoon. It was the first time since Wednesday that Holly and I had been further than the front of our neighborhood. She enjoyed it (I swear she pratically skipped up the street) and so did I. The fresh air smelled good…and I was reminded to look up (thank you Margene!). I saw camellias.

This bush is huge. Usually you see camellias closer to the ground. The pink blooms and bright green foliage are so pretty, though, against the sky.The trees lining the street still have a few leaves, creating a lovely canopy of red, orange, gold, yellow and green.

I hope you had the chance to look up today and that you saw something beautiful – happy Saturday!*Seems I’m recovering from something much worse than yesterday’s procedure. Katie and baby Charlie and I all have some sort of upper respiratory infection. Nothing life threatening (even for little Charlie, who made his first visit to the emergency room this morning…age eight weeks), but whoa, it’s knocked us for a loop! I’ve spent most of the last 36 hours sleeping it off on the couch. I felt bad enough at 7pm when I closed my eyes for another nap that I didn’t even care if today’s post didn’t happen. So I counted myself lucky when I woke up, checked the clock and saw it was still today!