Just Life

Keepers (and bloopers).

…no watercolors today – nope, instead I have a fresh batch of Charlie photos to share! I mentioned in Monday’s October recap that I’d been handing my phone to Katie to get photos of me and Charlie. She did that on Friday when he and I were both wearing our Halloween hats. Here’s the keeper.

and the best of the bloopers.

Seriously, it took 22 tries to get that one good one! Then she handed the phone back to me. I’m not sure which of these two is my favorite.

and again, the best of the bloopers (those two favorites took me 23 tries!)

Maybe it’s just hard to get a good one of Charlie and me. Yesterday I took another eight of him on his mama’s shoulder. Every single one of them’s a keeper, but the one in the center is, I think, my favorite.

Baby grins FTW!

Happy Wednesday! What’s making you smile today?




  • margene

    I love the photo of Kate kissing Charlie, but that grin wins the day!! You look awesome in your fascinator!
    The sun starting to come through my window is making me smile today!

  • Bonny

    All of these photos are making me smile today! I love that you shared the bloopers; often people post lovely photos but I don't appreciate the work it took to get one or two great ones. I don't think it's possible to take too many photos of babies and the people that love them!

  • Carole Julius

    Those are great! And I always love seeing bloopers. The more photos you take the better chance you have of getting a good one. Sometimes the shot of the day is the first and sometimes it's the 300th!

  • Kym

    Oh, Mary! What beautiful shots! (Even the bloopers!) Charlie is growing so quickly — and that little smile is just precious. Katie looks great — motherhood suits her.

  • Lydia

    I think it's the Mommy smell-the one with Holly looking up at Katie is soo cute. I'm sure it won't be long before he learns to pose/smile for the camera-being photogenic does run in the family!