Just Life

Getting Back to Normal.

…Katie shared these two photos of Charlie with me last night and they brought tears to my eyes. I’ve missed a lot of things these past few days but none more than that little guy’s smiles (and belly laughs…that nearly always result in hiccups!).

I made coffee this morning. I caught up on my Feedly reader (y’all know this NaBloPoMo thing makes it brutal to miss even a day, let alone four!) I started to think about what I might actually do for the next two days. You know me, I’ve always got to have a list. …and then I decided I wouldn’t make one. I do have a few things I must do (yikes, the shop’s blog has been neglected the whole of little Charlie’s life!, and the house and Marc need a bit of TLC) but otherwise… we’ll see. Stay tuned!