Just Life

Watercolor Wednesday | Today.

… this started as a crazy idea to share the day in watercolor, but turns out…it was kind of weird and creepy that way. except for this.

This tree at the front of Katie’s neighborhood is the only one I’ve seen around here showing any signs of fall color. We haven’t been to the park since before Charlie was born; I hope we don’t miss the show! Holly and I saw this on our evening walk. and it’s the last photo I have to share. So I’m going to tell the story in reverse.
Before the walk was an awesome nap. Charlie slept in his bassinet. His mama napped on the couch. I knitted … and Holly napped by me. Pretty sure we were all completely enchanted by the baby noise soundtrack.

and a bath. Charlie’s second but my first. Freshly bathed baby!

And many hours before…a cappuccino. My favorite way to start any day.