Just Life

Watercolor Wednesday | Early Morning Time.

today’s photo prompt is “key” and my first response was seeing the sunrise. I think rising before the sun is the key to every good day. But today’s sunrise just … wasn’t that great. It’s ok. Because the real key for me is simply being up “dark early”. I am a morning person and have been for years. Getting up in daylight is just weird. I remember a morning in New York when I was helping Katie move for her first post-college job – we’d been up til after 2am (but we’d slept on a made bed); I woke up to the sun streaming in and couldn’t believe it was so late…of course it wasn’t. Dawn comes well before 6 am in Manhattan in June.
These past few days have been so different – and not only sleep-wise! it’s really hard to be up in the dark when you go to bed just a few hours before. (or not at all – new parents are a miracle along with their new babies) In any event, I was happy this morning to be back with my journal and my coffee before the light came.


  • Honoré

    What fun! Love your Waterlogue selfie and a glimpse of your MSQT! Indeed, this time of day is key for me, too! And I especially appreciate it, as you've so eloquently expressed, after a significant change to routine . Your change, of course is so wonderful !


  • margene

    The mornings are filled with soft sounds surrounded by dark, and it feels like it is mine alone. Your exercise of journaling first thing is a routine much like my checking in on the internet and visiting my friends to comment on their blogs. The exchange of words is a part of a every quiet morning.

  • Lydia

    Dark early is my favorite time. We had not power this morning, and it was very weird seeing the sun after the house and street were in total darkness

  • alexa

    If I got up in the dark in the summertime, I think I would probably only get a few hours sleep! But it is wonderful to be up early, before the world really stirs. Your watercolour is so restful!