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Looking Back | August.

…a quick look back at the month of August through the lens of my daily photos (again with fatmumslim’s daily prompts).

::another yay for colors!
::good food and drink – eight photos, including salads, fruits and vegetables, a dessert shared with friends, coffee, wine (and no popcorn!)
::and Holly – she was the center of attention five times.

Taking a closer look:
::Knitting (6 photos) – five progress shots of Cepa, Ravello and Insouciant and one FO (Shallows from Friday, the 29th.)
::From Where I Stand (2 photos) – one from home and one from the park (extra credit for getting Katie in that last one, too)
::Sky (only 2 photos) – both clouds. I looked around more than I looked up (or down) last month.
::Porch Views (1 photo) – another hot month, and I am so looking forward to being out this month (well, maybe next week? highs are forecasted in the 90’s until then).
::Books (4 photos) – yay for Book Bingo!
::Selfies (2 photos) – and both of my head.

Also note the first hint of fall and shorter days. The photo from two Mondays ago was taken on my way home from class; just before 8:30 pm and it’s dark. Sunrise is now after 7am. It will be interesting to see how the season change shows up this month.

Happy Monday everyone!