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Watercolor Wednesday | White and Gold.

Daddy with the laprobe, standing in front of his “Georgia Tech” shelves; it’s quite a White and Gold collection!
… my dad’s favorite color combination! and therefore the perfect ones to choose for this special laprobe. My sister-in-law Lydia cast-on and knit the first six inches or so. Then she handed it off to me. Next Sara had a turn, and my niece Jillian, my sister Karen and then it came back to me. I added a little more and Katie finished it. It takes a project like this – big stockinette stitches (we held Berroco Vintage double) on size 11 needles – to work across so many knitters. Different gauges, different skill levels…it was all fine once I gave it wash and laid it flat to dry.
He says he can feel the warmth and love knit into each stitch. Knitting is wonderful that way, isn’t it?!