Just Life

Currents | August 2014.

(dew-covered lantana … in my front yard this morning)

choosing simplicity and more free space on my calendar.

looking forward to the baby – he’s due in less than four weeks!
planning newsletters and a new KAL for the shop. Fall is coming quickly (holiday knitting, too!)
enjoying Marc’s instagram feed while he’s traveling in Asia.
needing to visit the eye doctor (and I’m bummed about it!)
wanting a new makeup look. I’ve been wearing the same beige palette for months.
knitting … a lot! (promise a full post on everything on the needles next week!)
watching nothing. I haven’t even turned on the TV since Marc left Thursday morning. I do want to see Outlander, and I have hours of Masterpiece (I can’t even remember all the shows) recorded.
reading Life after Life (on Audible; it’s absolutely wonderful) and The Proposal (by Mary Balogh – this will be my last Bingo book!)
listening to Max Richter. Thank you to Sara for the recommendation. I LOVE it! His Recomposed Vivaldi’s Four Seasons has been on repeat (when I haven’t been listening to Life after Life).
eating bookclub leftovers. I hosted Thursday evening and way over-estimated how much vegetables & dip and cheese & crackers eight women could eat. I’ve invited friends over for knitting this afternoon, so hopefully I won’t have too much left after that.
drinking stovetop coffee from the Bialetti. With hot frothed milk, this is my special treat when I’m by myself since the pot really only makes enough for one.
wearing a skirt and camisole with an orange scarf (one of my before and after scarves). and sandals.
what’s current with you?


  • Kym

    Mmmm. I could live a long time on leftover dip! I loved Life after Life. Great book! Can't wait to see what you've been knitting.

  • Bonny

    Gorgeous lantana, lots of knitting, some excellent reading, music, and coffee, plus bookclub leftovers to enjoy with friends – it sounds like life is currently quite good!

  • margene

    My goal, starting this week, is to go for your simplicity and space on the calendar. I've been running non-stop for over a week now and need to collect myself and my thoughts. I love all your currents and would like to sit with you to knit for awhile.

  • Honoré

    Catching up on reading blogs – numero uno current. Next: resume stitching on brown bear and third, get a handle on my too long list!
    I like Margene's idea of sitting and stitching and going for simplicity…