Just Life

A Different Kind of WIP.

…Y’all were so kind to indulge me five days in a row of knitting WIPs. I am happy to report that one of them is off the needles and blocked and hopefully I’ll have another one (or two?!) to share before FO Friday. But today, I have a completely different kind of WIP to share. This one is about my grandson to be …due in *just* 17 days.


The wonderful girls in my Monday night class threw a Grandma Shower for me and the other “expectant” Grandma (this one will be her second grandchild, but her first granddaughter). So. very. special. 

Several of them are already Grandmas (a few several times over) – and one of them is a cake decorator! – but they are all supportive and have practical advice about high chairs and swings and toy boxes. And they are all genuinely happy for us. also cupcakes. and popcorn. and wine. and gifts. Cute. fun. maybe just a little tear-provoking…  and all very special. 
I am so excited to meet this little one. He and I will be two WIPs together … along with his parents and Marc and everyone else growing into having a new generation in our family. This is one project I don’t want to ever finish.