Just Life

Thank you, Florence.

“…typing this in seat 22A on the flight from Florence to Paris. trying not to worry that we had to check our bags through to Paris and that we weren’t able to get boarding passes for our final flight to Atlanta. we have a four hour layover…surely that will be enough time to resolve any issues…in the meantime, looking back on last night is making me happy (and sad…)

We ended up at the wine bar where we had our first lunch and another wonderful dinner. But this time we got seats at the bar…front row! The place is so tiny this one guy (of course Francie found out his name…Emiliano) runs it with one other server. He prepares all the plates and really puts on a show. or maybe he did it just for us? Sara and I watched him plate an order of anchovy crostini and ordered a plate for ourselves (Sue and Francie had sausage with melted cheese…to each their own!)

yes that’s fresh mozzarella, layered on toasted bread, topped with the anchovies, then drizzled with olive oil and that one fresh chive. it was…divine.

for the “main course”, Sara ordered a cheese plate. Emiliano put on a(nother) show.

Francie had a 6am flight; probably a good thing or we might’ve ordered more food and wine! and then this last photo probably wouldn’t have been so great.

We said tearful goodbyes this morning… dear friends and wonderful memories. Grazie, Firenze.
P.S. 15 minutes of free wifi in the Paris airport and all is well!


  • Debbie

    I was in Florence ten years ago and after seeing all of your photos, I want to go back! The cheese plates, the wine, the gelato! Hope your trip home goes well!

  • Bonny

    You have certainly made some wonderful memories with Sara and friends during this terrific, amazing trip! I hope re-entry isn't too much of a let-down; maybe some anchovy crostini and wine at home will help you ease back into things gently? Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences!

  • Patty

    What a fabulous trip! (I read all of the posts at once!) Memories you and Sara will keep forever and time with your friends…the best. Welcome home Mary!