Just Life

e un terzo da Firenze.

…the week is flying by! we spent yesterday as planned – a little shopping, gelato, pizza, wine and the Uffizi. And I have photos of all of it to share! I remembered waterlogue yesterday and had fun painting. Here you go:

On the way to the restaurant…

Then lunch at La Bussolo. We were delighted to learn that the restaurant’s owner also owns the apartment where we’re staying.

We had two pizzas, both with whole wheat crust; one topped with tomatoes, basil and fresh mozzarella and the other with grilled vegetables.

We spent the afternoon at the Uffizi – no photos allowed…but I snuck one of the ceiling.

There is a very nice outdoor terrace at the end of the 2nd floor tour…photos allowed!

We did a little shopping on our way to gelato.

Chocolate chip and coffee this time.

We think there might be some magic about gelato that any two flavors combine to make something delicious.
And home. Our apartment has a lovely terrace.

For dinner, we went back to the wine bar where we had our first lunch. It’s a tiny place with just a handful of tables. We had sliced meats and cheeses…and a lot of wine.

We have two full days left and no more museums…hopefully that means lots of photos…and plenty of food, wine and shopping..Ciao!