Just Life


…is it really Monday already? how was your weekend? here’s a quick peek into mine:

Friday afternoon I spent an hour at the Bobbi Brown counter with Kelly. She showed me some new tricks with concealer and bronzer and eye liner and I left feeling so pretty! I tried to recreate the look on my own yesterday; I need more practice before you get to see it on me!

Then I met a few friends for a glass of wine. Haven’t done a Friday Happy Hour in a long time and it was delightful. Here’s a waterlogue of the stunning tulips growing outside the restaurant where we met.

Saturday morning I took Pilates and met Virginia after for coffee, knitting and conversation. Love that this is going to be a new routine for us this spring.

Saturday afternoon I watched the first episode of the BBC’s North and South and decided I’m going to watch this one and skip the Craft Lit audio. I finished the first Florence Scarf and started the second one (this one is purple).

Marc and I made roasted vegetables with kale for dinner and watched basketball (y’all know that means I knitted 🙂

Sunday morning was clear and cold. I’m glad to say goodbye to the rain for a bit. I noticed that the trees are starting to green up. Seriously? Seems like they just blossomed. and 30-something degree mornings still seems like winter.

Sunday school (not my turn to teach, which is always more relaxing), church and then the memorial service for a friend’s husband. He was only 56 and left behind two sons still in college. I expected much sadness, but it wasn’t. The readings and the hymns were beautiful (especially because the sanctuary looks out onto full-blooming cherry trees) and two of his friends told stories that had the whole congregation laughing out loud.

I enjoyed some quiet alone time yesterday afternoon. A little bit of knitting and reading and another sunny walk with Holly. Went to bed early and slept soundly. It feels good to wake up Monday morning after a good night’s rest!

Off to walk Holly, and then it’s our “hill run” and yoga. Happy Monday!