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Looking Back | February.

…through the lens of my daily photo.  Again, I followed the fatmumslim daily prompts, trying to be mindful of the lessons I shared last month.

Overall, I think that mindfulness helped to bring a better balance to the month: knitting, seasons, food & drink, reading and a few other things.
I was surprised about: 
::the lack of color – two of the photos were deliberately black and white…many of the rest just are.
::the prevalence of Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow knit-along (four photos) – not because I didn’t get a bit obsessed with it and work on it a lot…but because I managed to make it work for four prompts!
::books (five photos) – I read more than usual and even finished two books.
Here’s the rest of the story:

::From Where I Stand (1 photo) – flip flops. in February. yep, I’m in Florida!
::Other Selfies (4 photos) – love the one from the 19th with my feet outside the covers (yep, Florida again!)
::Knitting (7 photos) – four projects, two of which I finished…and none of which I’ve shared here!
::Holly (2 photos) – out for a walk and ready for bed; we did a lot of that last month.
::Food & Drink (7 photos) – two lunches, three dinners, one glass of wine, one beer and two cocktails. Love the diversity, but sorry there weren’t any real “meals”. That was kind of how the month was, though.
::Inside/Outside – 24 photos were taken indoors, two of those looking out a window. I think that’s pretty typical of winter.
::SNOW! – just one photo, but it was around for almost a week.

And what I missed:

::Project Life and One Little Word – no photos and really not much happened. I’m feeling behind on both now and that will be a focus for March. I hate having to play catchup.
::People – even I barely show up this month. A continued miss and I really do want to get better about it!
In all, though, I think the collage tells a pretty good story of my February. Expect to see less inside for March and lot more color. Spring is coming for sure!


  • margene

    There are many things in the pictures you haven't shared with us. You have other things on your mind at the moment. I'm looking forward to your more colorful March.

  • Sue

    Love this, and that you analyze it. I tried to follow the prompts, but got side tracked. Maybe I'll try for March! I can still catch up!

  • alexa

    I like your collage and enjoyed reading your reflections. Ugh, catch-up! I seem to be in that mode permanently :(. Envying you those flip flops – I've got thermal socks and boots on!