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Five on Friday | Today’s Loves.

…daffodils. sadly not in my yard, but around my neighborhood there are huge plantings with dozens of blooms. It is hard not to smile when you see a field of daffodils.

chambray shirts. I own three, all (slightly!) different, and I’ve been wearing them in constant rotation. under sweaters, over cropped pants, with boots, with flats… and with all my knitted neckwear. It’s a lesson in minimalism for me. Three shirts, two pairs of pants, a half dozen scarves…and I can be dressed for over a week!
Costco’s Kirkland wines, especially their Napa Cabernet. I opened my last bottle of this tonight to accompany our tasty “leftovers and salad” menu (maybe I’ll tell y’all next week about Marc’s latest diet). I’m also hoping that the weather gods see that I’m drinking that last bottle of Cab and decide to send spring.
Longer days. I still feel like a slug in the morning (sunrise is after 7:30 am here!) but having it light at 7:45 pm while I type this almost makes up for that.
and finally, all the love, prayers and good wishes y’all have shared for my dad’s recovery and the new little one who’ll be joining our family next fall. thank you!

Happy Weekend! what are you loving TODAY?


  • Lydia

    the sunny yellow of daffodils are infectious. today i'm loving that the dining room got painted in ONE day! Both boys home for the weekend. and the sunshine too. guess i'd better hurry and finish the last 6 or so bottles of red wine to ensure that spring gets here and stays.

  • margene

    We have a field of jonquils across the street and looking out the window brightens my day. This year it is unlikely they'll be covered with snow as is usual. Flowers around every corner, and the light at the end of the day, make up for the morning dark. Minimalism is the key to a well dressed woman. 🙂