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Five on Friday | Signs of Spring.

…I’m back home and slowly (but surely) getting back into the groove. I timed my return well…I’m just in time for Spring! Here’s a quick look at five sure signs of the new season.

Cherry trees in full bloom.


Clearing skies after a rainy day.

Tiny shoots of green in the front bed.

And a short sleeved silk pullover on the needles.

 I hope it’s getting sunny and warmer where you are, too! Happy Weekend!


  • Patty

    Oh how you taunt us! 2 degrees this morning! (But I did go to class at 6:00 am!) The views are beautiful Mary and just what we need to give us hope! Happy weekend to you!

  • margene

    The first pictures is breathtaking!! We're a few weeks away from fully flowering trees even with our warm temperatures. What a beautiful welcome home!

  • Lydia

    Our cherry trees aren't blooming yet, but they are coming down next week anyway, so if they're gonna they need to quick! Have loved seeing the daffodils and hyacinths. It was so nice to eat lunch today on the "veranda" at work. So looking forward to more days like this.