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Five on Friday | Good Things.

…oops, ran out of time to post this list yesterday, but I’m not going to let that stop me from calling it a Five on Friday! Finding it’s helpful to spend a few minutes every morning thinking about the good things when there is so much going on right now that’s…not so good*. This is the list from yesterday:

1. A warm sunshine-filled forecast for the weekend. Today it’s supposed to get into the 70’s.

2. Watching Jeopardy. My folks are huge fans of the show and I always enjoy catching up with it when I visit. This week there’s a new big winner, Andrew Chu. I googled him yesterday and found this article about him live-tweeting the episodes. Kind of fun to follow along the drama!

3. Crossword puzzles. Another of my mom’s favorite activities and a great way to pass hospital time. She regularly works the Wall Street Journal and New York Observer puzzles (on paper) and finished the ones she had last weekend. I figured there were probably lots of iPad apps and sure enough, we loaded the (free) New York Times app and have actually completed a few.

4. Waterloguing our morning walks. It’s re-framed the walk for me, searching for the perfect view. I’m especially pleased with Thursday’s (above) and Friday’s (which the Waterlogue team favorited!)

5. Knitting. I’m making noticeable progress on multiple projects (despite the twinges in my shoulder). These two projects were barely started last weekend…and now they’re more than half done!

Mink Mitts (a birthday gift for a special friend)

How about you? What good did you find yesterday?

*my dad is still in the hospital and we have no idea when he’ll be coming home or what the next steps will be. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and good wishes. They’re helping more than you know!


  • Sue

    Mary, I will keep you, your Dad, and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope things progress in a positive direction. Your knitting looks fabulous, and can't wait to try the Waterlogue app! So nice to see flowers in my Instagram feed!

  • margene

    The top picture is my favorite with the outline of the trellis and the hanging flower baskets. You, Kym, and Patty are keeping me in Waterlogued heaven! Keeping up your spirits is the biggest challenge but you're staying busy, which helps feed the soul. Sending healing thoughts to your dad and big hugs to you and your mom.