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Ten on Tuesday | Red Hearts.

…in honor of Valentine’s Day this week, Carole has us thinking about our favorite things that are red:

♥ Holly’s ruffled dress. It was the first red thing that popped into my head and, without a doubt, this is my favorite red thing!

♥ wine. Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Grenache, Zinfandel, Mourvedre…all good!

♥ my dining room wall. Love how the red shows off my collection of blue & white.

♥ cardinals. I know they’re mean, but they are beautiful, especially against a winter landscape.

♥ apples, roasted beets, a very rare steak, tomatoes, strawberries; I was surprised how many of my favorite foods are red!

♥ a summer pedicure with OPI Red.

♥ Bobbi Brown’s sheer red lipgloss.

♥ poinsettias.

♥ Renee Russo’s hair, especially in that island scene in The Thomas Crown Affair.

♥ maple tree’s leaves, in the fall.

Red is truly a year-round, all-around color. Food, flora, fauna, decor, make-up, clothing, knitwear…ruffles…

Now tell me, what did I leave off my list?

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