What a Difference a Day Makes.

…the weather folks got it right.

this morning’s walk…in approximately the same spot we stopped for a photo yesterday
Thankfully Marc made it home safely yesterday afternoon (he thought his 2+ hour commute was bad…til he heard stories from coworkers who didn’t get home til after 10pm and a few who were out later than that).  We took a quick walk yesterday afternoon. Holly honestly doesn’t know what to make of all this white stuff.
Holly and me
from an upstairs window, about 5pm yesterday
Today we’re staying home. He’s working. I’m watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (on Netflix – thanks so much to my sister for the recommendation – I’m halfway through Season 1 and love that I have enough TV lined up to keep me entertained for a few more days!) and knitting.
thankful for stash (that’s two balls of Kathmandu Aran) and a decent library (that’s Ann Budd’s Basic Mitten, from  2009 Interweave Accessories).
That pair of mittens I’ve been promising myself is going to happen today. Hopefully before I have to take Holly out for another walk!


  • margene

    It looks like you (or someone) walked around the circle leaving footprints in the snow. Stay warm and cozy, enjoy the day indoors! Hopefully, the mittens will knit up quickly.
    Thank you for the TV recommendation. Years ago I was in Atlanta when it received 8" of snow! If only the weather patterns would change and send it here! We might get rain today.

  • alexa

    I guess this amount of snow,is unusual for you – it has even made it onto the BBC here! I won't tell you how much of the stuff we usually get :).

  • Lydia

    everytime we get hit by something like this I learn something new to help me be prepared. i'd be okay if we don't have this again for a couple years.