Just Life

A Grace Note.

…last week was hard. It started with a head cold that kept me in bed for more than a day, and then progressed through Marc’s second shoulder surgery in four years and a second cancelled contract on our old house. By the end of the week, I only completed about half of the items on a relatively short and easy to-do list. And I thought a lot about grace.

Grace isn’t about feeling sorry for myself, or letting a bad mood keep me in my pajamas, un-showered.  It’s also not about having to be perfect.

Grace is about seeing the good while I acknowledge the bad. It’s thinking about others more than myself. And mostly, it’s about being a better me.

I was there for Marc. We have a 3rd contract on the house. I took a few long walks with Holly and enjoyed the slower pace. Blue skies and a fall-like chill in the early morning air didn’t hurt either. Not perfection, but grace.