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Throwback Thursday.

…my first attempt* at a throwback post – because really, I couldn’t get this image

out of my head today. I’m guessing it was taken in early August 1985 (we closed on the empty lot on July 29, 1985).
What a difference 28 years makes.

We built our family in that house and have more good memories – and hundreds of photos! – than I could possibly begin to share here. Like I texted to Marc, Katie and Sara it’s “the end of a very good era.” I’m proud the house is still looking great!

*this is also my first attempt at a blogger post from my iPad and if anyone has tips and/or App suggestions to share, I welcome them – thanks!


  • Sara

    That for sale sign is depressing. It is beyond strange to think of some other family living in *our* house.

    Yes, it will always be our house.

  • Vicki Knitorious

    We didn't build our house — it was already 100 years old when we moved in in 1987 — but we certainly built our family there, and left our mark in countless ways. I can't imagine selling — or, more accurately, preparing it for sale — but I know the day will come, and I'm more open to the prospect now than I've ever been. You'll always hold those memories. Good luck! It looks like a fabulous property and house, it probably won't be on the market for long!!

  • margene

    Your home has that well established look of stability, elegance, and grace. May the next family be as happy and successful as yours.

  • Honoré

    Bittersweet I am sure…but lots of love shared within. A dwelling the next residents will be most fortunate to occupy . Sure the house will move in a flash!

  • Lydia

    so many memories indeed. it will be hard to imagine another family living there, but good karma abounds within and i think the new owners will definitely "feel the love".

  • Patty

    So many emotions! But you're happy in your new home and moving toward the next phase. I agree…another family has great juju coming into your home.

  • Kym

    Major transitions are always emotional! A new family is going to the love the place you created — and they'll make it their own somehow. XOXO