Just Life

keeping the faith.

…I had great plans to share my latest project life week here yesterday. I was printing photos and journaling cards yesterday afternoon when Katie texted “sad day for runners :(”  I replied “Boston marathon? What happened?”

and yeah, you know the rest. the pile of project life stuff I printed is still a pile on my desk. and I’m still wavering between the really sad (yes, I have tears in my eyes as I type this…especially after re-reading the links I’m going to share) and the incredibly angry. I was fixated by the “weight of justice” tagline from Obama’s speech that was repeated so often on last night’s newscasts. Justice isn’t heavy only for those who do wrong; it’s a heavy burden for all of us.

but most of all, my heart breaks for those who ran that race. those who set a life goal to run it. because that race is a life goal race. you have to qualify. you have to train. hard. hours. time… and it’s not the elite runners, it’s the “average” ones (by Boston marathon standards anyway…you know, the “average” that I, as a novice half marathoner, might hope to be) who were hurt by this.

and that is what I just can’t get my head around.

these two articles, though, are helping. and I thank my daughters for sharing them with me. I’m sharing them here because this is what I wish I’d heard on the news last night.

the first one is from Katie and Sara responded with this one.

I’ve made plans to run more half marathons, and I’ve said loud and clear I have no desire to run a full. but maybe. just maybe. I’m rethinking that.