five things.

Mix No. 9, about 10% done

1. Apparently I’m developing a thing for epic projects. I finished the Annie Scarf and used up 966 yards of yarn. then immediately cast on Mix No. 9 (another thousand yard scarf/cowl; that’s it to the left). I’m planning to knit another Panoramic Stole, but in laceweight; I have two skeins of Findlay Dappled which is about 1,600 yards total. and I’m smitten with Thorn and the Cornerstone Blanket. yes, smitten!

2. Bitten Word posted about Spiced Milk. Last month, I read the Good Things column that included the recipe, and wasn’t excited at all. But now? I want to make it…and eat it with oatmeal. I also need the temperatures to cool off a bit to make a hot breakfast appealing. seriously – it’s 63 degrees outside right now. it’s January. it’s freaky.

3. I love the mini albums that Becky Higgins released this week. I’m wondering if Katie’s wedding weekend will be a mini-appropriate event to document? the album includes 80 4×6 and 80 3×4 slots. that seems like a lot…or maybe it’s not enough?!

4. I’m a huge fan of Lisa Congdon’s hand lettering. this week, she posted a quotation by Edgar Degas:

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.”

She talks embracing a “beginner mind”… to me, these words are a reminder that we can only grow when we step outside our comfort zone. that’s scary and exciting at the same time.

5. I can’t imagine ever getting a real tattoo. but I’d happily wear this one for a few days!