Just Life

four trees.

…I really had fun with all your comments on my post last thursday – thank you! apparently marc was just tired and cranky that night, because the next day he was most encouraging (we went to lowes and home depot together and then he suggested I try michaels and target on my own) about those five trees.

but in the end, we’ve ended up with four. that gives us room to grow, right?!

I’ll share more details on each of those trees – the ornaments are a very special part of my holiday – in later posts, but for now, I wanted to give you a quick tour of house 2.0 and what it looks like to decorate with (mostly) just trees and poinsettias:

and one wreath (marc’s still trying to figure out how to hang the other one – it’s big and red, from costco – over the two garage doors).

just inside the front door, three trees and four poinsettias straight ahead. and maybe holly (likely barking if you’ve rung the bell!)

to your left is my study,

and to your right is the dining room.

the blue & white plate collection is on the wall to the left…that you can’t see here!
as you walk into the house, the first tree you see is the bird tree.

and then the word tree (yeah, that rhymes and I do think that’s weird)

and then the “big” tree.

turn the corner and there’s the family room (with the kitchen off to your right).

if you look straight ahead (which is to the right of that photo just above), you’ll see tree #4, the advent calendar tree, now decorated with six of my favorite holiday photos.

you can see a glimpse of the kitchen nook off to your right – here’s a better view.

my project life “stuff” is all over the table..some things haven’t changed…and if you look closely, on that top shelf of the hutch there’s a miniature charlie brown tree (which I’m not calling tree #5).

and if you turn around, you see the kitchen.

the counter top is uncharacteristically cleaned off. I’m typing this post sitting at that right-hand stool…and I’ve got more stuff spread about me. the slow cooker off to the left has been working hard all day on a mexican chicken soup, which I think is going to be delicious. stay tuned for the recipe!

so there you have it – one wreath, three big poinsettias, four trees, four smaller poinsettias and a few other pieces. quick and easy and now I’m getting back to the knitting!