Just Life

five things that might surprise you.

mary and holly
this is me (and holly) last night – at the kitchen counter
looking much better than I look right now – thanks to
katie for the great photo (and to john at bobbi brown
for the makeup!)

…about me. right now.

1. it’s just after noon and I’m sitting at the kitchen counter in sweats, with my running clothes underneath. I put those running clothes on around 9am certain I was going to do something aerobic, or at least athletic. and three hours later, nope. today is going to be a rest day.

2. the christmas knitting is … looking like it will be finished before next weekend. that’s right, long-time readers, I am not thinking I need to hire a chauffeur next week so I can knit while he drives and I might even be able to get to my regular knitting before christmas eve. of course that’s probably because…

3. I’ve watched 14 episodes of homeland since sunday. I am now caught up and joining the rest of the world in waiting for the season 2 finale on sunday.

4. that pink scarf I started last week is nearly done and I have a second ball of yarn to start another one.

5. I can’t remember the last time I mailed a postcard. I’m sure my regular pen pals are wondering where I’ve been and I’m sorry. I have, however, written about a million thank you notes (not that I’m complaining) for housewarming, birthday and christmas gifts. and as of today, I am caught up. finally. postcards start again next week!