Just Life

five things.

328:366 knitting.
the not-secret knitting project. hope it grows a lot by the end of this weekend!

1. if I’d done a good job at yarn substitution for my annie scarf (the project shown above), I would’ve doubled the yarn in the border…but I didn’t. and I’m ok with that.

2. yesterday was lovely. and I do love my daughters.
3. I will do a blog post about this house. next week. (promise 🙂
4. katie and I ran four miles this morning. my first run in … six weeks (maybe more). it was chilly but not freezing. except for my thumbs and my earlobes. enjoyed the run together and excited about “officially” training for the half marathon in march.
5. looking forward to decorating for christmas. this morning we sorted through all the boxes of “stuff” and I’m left with five. favorite ornaments, decorations, books, movies, “stuff”… can’t wait to see how it all works in the new space.