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331:365 a bright beginning.
a bright beginning for the week…seen on our walk this morning

celebrating …feels like I’ve been celebrating for weeks now! beginning with my dad’s 75th at callaway,  then sara’s 21st (twice) and my 50th…oh yeah, and an anniversary thrown in for good measure.

hoping the new outfit I’ve planned for marc’s company party this saturday “works”.

planning what I’m going to put where (and just a few new things to add) when I unpack the christmas boxes this weekend.

practicing how to get from here to there. I’m still amazed at how much different the driving is from our new house. learning new roads. and timing. and a few shortcuts (at least I think they are!)…very grateful for the gps in my car!

training (still) for a half marathon on march 17. I printed out a training plan this morning. I’ve been running for 30-some years, but I’m definitely a novice for this distance!

enjoying seeing more of katie (and rob 🙂 and really excited about them moving even closer next summer.

reading cloud atlas… it’s taken me two weeks to read just a few pages and that’s not because the book isn’t good; I’ve just been too tired when my head finally hits the pillow.

knitting christmas gifts. and a scarf for myself. I have two sweaters waiting in the wings for when I finish the christmas projects. I think I’ll be ready for them by then!

watching not much. we have six episodes of boardwalk empire queued up on the dvr. I wonder when we’ll get back into that routine!

listening to christmas music. we have uverse and channel 500 has a great christmas station. in my car, it’s mostly xm’s traditional christmas (channel 4).

eating last week’s leftovers. I think tonight will be the end… sadly. but I did make split pea soup today!

drinking more water. at least I’m trying to.

wearing jeans with a camisole, a black cardigan and my weeble wobble cowl. and flats (loving flats this season!)


  • Carole Knits

    Our leftovers are gone except for the turkey soup I'll be making later today. Mmmm. Sounds like you are enjoying everything these days and that's great. It will be fun to decorate for Christmas in your new house, I bet!

  • Kym

    What fun to "Christmas decorate" in a new house! Old favorites always look fresh and new-again in their updated surroundings. (I read Cloud Atlas a couple of years ago. Quite the slog. . . I enjoyed it, but it stretched the boundaries of genres-I-like!)