Just Life

on counting.

…honestly, this is not my strong suit. I don’t remember if I was better at it before I found so many things to distract me. but always I think I’ve counted, re-counted and triple-counted to make sure I have the right number. of stitches. of balls of yarn. of cups of flour. of forks and knives to set the table.
320:365 box 2.

and now it’s boxes. I packed my first five yesterday when I packed up my room. only one box for my stash (it was a big-ish box, but still, just one) and another for knitting bags, and charity projects, and scraps (and needlepoint!) and then three for books and magazines. I still have have another big-ish one to go for my swift and ball-winder and a few other odds and ends, but still. I think six boxes is pretty good for anyone who knits as much as I do!
so I was feeling really good about all that until this afternoon when I was talking about all my yarn being packed away. and what I was knitting. and I realized…
this is all I’m knitting.
321:365 18 days of yarn.
abigail in the blue, chaleur in the cream and my first holiday project in the purple
until I unpack.
optimistically, I think this needs to last three weeks.
and then I think, what am I thinking?! I probably won’t even make a dent in this…especially as I’m spending nearly all my time now counting boxes! 

basket. half full.