Just Life

a short blogging break.

…stopping by quickly to share a few things.

to the finish line
karen, mary and holly at the finish line

the walk is done. it was wonderful. thank you to everyone who supported us. and special thanks to my sister karen for being the best partner for 180 cumulative miles! (more photos here)

packing progress
katie helped me pack the basement on friday, yesterday I tackled my desk

the packing continues, but I still have a long way to go.

so I’m going to take a break from blogging until after the move – which is scheduled for next wednesday and thursday. internet will hopefully be installed on friday the 19th and I’ll be back here after that.


  • Lydia

    love that holly could join you on at the finish line. i know the packing process (clearing out) process too well. know you'll get it all done.

  • Kym

    Just keep thinking about how awesome everything will be once you're moved and settled! (In the meantime. . . moving is awful. Plain and simple.) See you on the flip-side!

  • Carole Knits

    Congratulations on your walk! And good luck with the packing. I will miss you this week and next but I'll be thinking about you and hoping that things are going smoothly. Moving stinks, even when it's a short distance, but I can't wait to see photos of your new home.

  • Honoré

    Congrats on the walk…and thanks again to you and Karen.

    Good luck with the packing; wish I could lend a hand…but the best I can do is virtually, so know I'm sending you some strength and confidence that, this too shall be done! – with hours to spare.
    Take a few knitting breaks, along the way.

    Looking forward to the new house.


  • Anne

    Congratulations on the walk! And good luck with the move — I'm involved in something similar — not a move but a BIG remodel project. I try to remember to: keep calm and carry on! See you "after". Best wishes.