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fifty for 50. the 100 day plan.

…I knew this year was going to fly by, but I was still caught a bit off guard last week when I uploaded daily photo 257…and realized I’d hit 266 yesterday. that’s right. just 100 days left in my 50th year. a few years back I had a boss who was big into “100 day plans” and that idea struck a chord to (re-)focus my efforts on the fifty for 50 list.

as I wrote back in march, flexibility and planning are critical. so is being realistic! I went through the list this morning to see exactly where I was and noted a few more “done”:

  1. ten projects knit from my stash – they were all cowls and hats, but still…
  2. poppies needlepoint (it’s off with the finisher now).
  3. strength training routine/regular walking – a big change for me this summer; I now regularly attend 4-5 pilates, barre and zumba classes each week, together with walking three days and running two. feels like this is truly an all-around fitness program and I’m seeing results and feeling better (and enjoying it!)
  4. manicures – I hit a rough patch after non-stop linen/silk knitting in may and june, but it’s better now and I am definitely committed to keeping it up.
  5. volunteering at a senior center – holly & I are now helping to facilitate a knitting group at the roswell nursing home on thursday afternoons. (how perfect is that!?!)
  6. twitter 🙂

then I crossed off or gave myself permission to not finish quite a few. things related to cooking (there were four; I finished one with sara’s help; started two others; and have made no more progress since may), cleaning out the guestroom and organizing the pre-2003 photos, reading mere christianity, card-making (meh!) and finishing all my knitting WIPs (I made some progress – it’s now only seven projects and they all fit in one small basket 🙂

…and that leaves me with a manageable number of big things to complete:

  • raising $2,500 (we’re nearly halfway) for the 2-day walk…and walking 30 miles.
  • revitalizing the prayer shawl ministry.
  • celebrations for my dad’s 75th birthday and sara’s 21st.
  • a new lace class in october.
  • a trip to chattanooga this fall.
  • 45 more random acts of kindness.
  • four needlepoint projects (and three new stitches).

these next 100 days are going to be busy. and fun.


  • Lydia

    love how you've kept up with this and have been opening to making adjustments. i've got my 45 for 45 list-wasn't sure how that was going to go-posting soon!

  • Debbie

    I am new to your blog and really enjoy your positive attitude about turning 50. I'll soon turn 58 and it was bothering me, but after reading your blog posts, I wonder why not celebrate each year by learning and doing new things? Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    great post! you've done so much already this year! i look forward to hearing about the rest of the year.

  • Honoré

    I applaud you for being kind to yourself and feeling great about revisions and changes and accomplishments and 'going with the flow.' Your assessment shows us all that we are – even if we don't think so – just where we need to be.
    Carry on!

  • Kym

    Perfect! Celebrate your accomplishments so far. . . let go of things that just aren't going to happen . . . and embrace the future. Now THAT is the way to turn 50!!!