Just Life

on being a thunder blanket.

…flash back a week ago. holly is burrowed into my lap to hide from the thunder. forward to saturday. more storms. it takes both me and marc to somewhat calm her. sunday, another storm, but now just my lap. (at one point marc suggests I might need to stop knitting so I can hold her tight. I brush him off. he was probably right). monday, another storm, and it’s just me & holly in the bed. I get a cramp in my arm from holding her and her shaking keeps me awake. now it’s tuesday (again). another storm. holly (again) burrowed into my lap.

I think she saw it coming when the big raindrops started before we finished our walk. we made it up the driveway just as I heard the first clap of thunder (and tried to get her photo jumping up on my leg. please don’t judge. I only tried once)…and just before I got this shot.

237:365 really?

you can see the it on her face, “do you really need to stop right here right now to do this?”

sorry, holly, yes, I did. I want to remember this. I’m pretty sure I’m not a very good thunder blanket (although I’m sure if marc were here, we’d be fine), but I’m it for right now. my lap and my hugs are all yours.