Just Life

eight things.

…yep, eight! carole’s busy this week :-). I just bought these journaling cards for project life. and I thought it would be good to blog something to help me get caught up (yep, nearly four weeks behind – yikes!). of course pre-PL I would’ve blogged about this sort of thing anyway, so here goes!

eight things making me really happy right now:

bandit. finished.
thanks, martha! (this is my bandit – #1)

1. martha was on hand this afternoon to photo my just-finished bandit (I do think it turned out great…and I love it!)

2. the +5 hour time difference with sara (now in oxford til early august) actually works … she sends emails that I get “now” and can respond to…and we’re skyping late afternoon my time on sundays. it’s the perfect way to end the weekend.

230:365 rain.

3. it rained this evening. we need free water. (and it’s thundering and holly’s huddled in my lap…I’m glad I’m home!)

4. I had time in today’s nearly nothing traffic to get my july charity hat started. the trip to and from the shop = 98 stitches cast on (and double counted 🙂

5. chaleur (do I need to figure out the difference between a “love” and a “happy”?)

6. my sister and I have a long (8? 10? mile) training walk tomorrow. I hope I’m ready!

7. tomorrow is july 4th. I’m not working. marc’s not working. …. right. smile!

8. marc made nachos for dinner. (and he’s marinating fish for tacos tomorrow!)

…and now that it’s this late in the day, I have to acknowledge one thing that’s making me very sad…andy griffith’s passing.

I firmly believe that in every situation, no matter how difficult, God extends grace greater than the hardship. – Andy Griffith

…peace…and grace.