Just Life

katie’s back*.

204:365 lunch at portofino.

…well…almost. technically, she’s on her way to st simon’s for the weekend. but after I picked her up from the airport, we had time for a quick lunch with her girlfriend sammar at one of our favorite buckhead restaurants, portofino.

we sat outside and enjoyed a leisurely meal… six small plates, mussels, wine and coffee. it was fun to listen to the girls talk about their weddings (sammar’s is next month!) and honeymoons and study abroad and moving (sadly, just as katie is getting back to atlanta, sammar is moving to charlottesville – tomorrow!) and just stuff.

lunch at portofino
the small plates – apple & grape salad, tomatoes & mozzarella, corn & edamame, pototo chips, roasted eggplant & orzo, shrimp & avocado…yes, we ordered all the salads!

I look forward to more lunches. and happy hours. and dinners. and spending time together. talking about stuff. and having someone take our photo!

lunch at portofino
katie & mary

*katie has a bachelorette party (for another girlfriend who’s getting married in august) in st simons this weekend. in early may, she bought a round trip ticket, planning to arrive this afternoon, have time for lunch with me, then meet up with her friends to drive down tonight, return on sunday and fly back to LA on monday (whew!) but two weeks ago, her fiance’s transfer came through and they quickly made plans to move. back to atlanta. and katie’s round trip turned into a one-way ticket. so while she’s not quite back in atlanta, she is in the eastern time zone and that’s huge!  they’ve found a condo in town for the short term. and next week, until they can move in, she’ll be here with me and holly (while marc makes a quick trip to germany). lots of changes. but all good. yes, to say I’m delighted would be the understatement of the year!