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ten things I wish I liked.

…happy to be back with carole today, but surprised how hard it was to come up with this list. of course the first two were easy.

1. poached eggs. I really want to love eggs benedict, but it’s hard when I don’t like poached eggs.

2. black coffee. I’ve tried (on purpose and on accident when we run out of milk), but I just can’t do it.

then after that first cup of coffee (with hot skim milk thank you very much), I came up with a few more.

herb garden 2011
last summer’s herb “garden”

3. gardening. my mom and my sister are so good at it, and many of the blogs I read are filled with lovely gardens (kym and kristen are two of my favorites). but I can’t manage more than a few pots of annuals and herbs. and this year, I haven’t even managed that!

4. driving. living in suburban atlanta, driving is necessary. I’d much rather walk, or ride a bike. …although I must admit the hour plus I spent in the car this morning after I dropped katie at the airport wasn’t bad despite the rush hour traffic. because I had podcasts to listen to. the yarniacs, doubleknit, fresh air and craft lit. I was actually sorry to pull into the garage!

5. showering at night. so I could have more time in the morning, but I have hair that just doesn’t “do” after a night’s sleep.

but these last five were hard.

6. crochet. yeah, I’ll do it if I have to, but if I liked it, I’d make this beautiful blanket.

7. non-fiction books.

8. camping.

9. magic loop. so I wouldn’t have to worry about my dpn’s coming out of my socks. (shoot, why not get crazy and say toe-up socks, too, because then I’d never worry about running out of yarn for the toes…but let’s face it, I’m a cuff-down dpn sock knitter!)

10. playing games.

…I’m smiling thinking about the me that would be if I really did like these ten things. very different. and as a package, I’m really not sure how I’d feel about myself. I think I’d be better off taking just a couple than all ten at once!

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  • Donna

    Black coffee was on my list too! I forgot about the eggs though. I don't eat them at all. I wish I loved gardening. I am trying, but would rather spend my time knitting or spinning.Maybe when I retire…

  • knittergran

    I'm not a games player either. Except for tennis in my pre-knee surgery days. I don't get the whole Angry Birds phenomenon at all. Saves on battery life, though.

  • Honoré

    Learning to like poached eggs…more on the hard side than not. Can't crochet, either…just can't seem to get the knack…fun list.

  • Lydia

    oh i can relate to many of these-i do shower at night and wash my hair in the morning-i think i sleep better. if i didn't knit or sew i'd probably be a more die hard gardener.

  • Patty

    I do love poached eggs but no black coffee for me. I've tried too, I hear it takes three days. I don't believe it! 😉 And my hair won't do either!

  • Kym

    Ohhh! I forgot games! I'm not a game player either! (I also don't like to camp. At all. But I will go as far as to say that I don't even WISH I liked it. . . )

    (And black coffee. . . only if I'm desperate.)

  • Kristen

    I popped onto Kristen and was shocked to see it was me! Oh thank you, I am blushing!

    It's so funny, the first three I am in love with, the last 7, I am so with you! I would add one more thing, golf, my hubbie would be so happy if I liked it.

  • Marilyn

    I'm with you on eight of them. I, however, love black coffee and gardening. I really, really dislike game playing…such a time-waster!