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10 things taped to my inspiration board.

carole’s prompt today is about things pinned to bulletin boards. my board is actually a framed shanna murray decal and I “pin” with tape (especially pretty washi tape). here’s how it looks this morning.

167:365 my inspiration board.

just a bit different from how it looked a few days ago.  it doesn’t change very often, mainly because I have high standards for what I’ll put here. “high standards” in terms of content – it must be inspiring or it must be important. obviously not “high standards” in terms of format – post-it notes and scraps of paper abound. I’m thinking I want to get better about that! but then part of what I love about the board is being spontaneous. when I come across something I want to put here, I don’t always take the time to make it pretty!

1. the current month’s calendar (always sits center left)

2. next month’s calendar (always sits lower right)

3. april 29, 2011 and 2012 photos of me and holly…they make me smile

4. other photos that make me smile – sara’s first birthday, sara wrapped in the afghan I knit her for christmas and my mom, holding holly

5. (fairly) recent postcards from katie and sara

6. sitting atop the frame, my one little words for 2011 and 2012, gifts from honore – love having these reminders so visible

7. and in the lower left corner, a card from vanessa highlighting the scripture verse that chose this year’s one little word

8. the beatitudes and psalm 100

9. a c.s. lewis quotation about friendship and one from jack layton (found via kal’s blog a few weeks ago – thinking this is going to end up in project life, or on a postcard, or – more likely! – both!!)

10. orchid care instructions – I’ve been following these diligently and have managed to keep the orchid that martha and carter gave me for valentine’s day alive…and blooming!

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