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10 favorite comedies.

…another look at favorite movies. this time it’s comedies. I struggled a bit with “what’s a comedy?” I read somewhere that it’s a story that ends with a wedding (contrast with a tragedy which is a story that ends with a death). sara told me “yeah that’s a fine definition…if you’re an english teacher. mom, just pick movies that make you laugh.” so here goes:

image from here…and yeah, you’re smiling aren’t you?

1. finding nemo. this movie makes me happy every time I watch it. “just keep swimming, just keep swimming….”

2. beauty and the beast. and not just because it ends with a wedding…but it is a very pretty wedding and lumiere and cogsworth do make me laugh.

3. aladdin. marc and I took katie and her girlfriends to see this. the girls would’ve been about five or six. and I remember noting that they laughed at completely different times than marc and I did. I love that disney manages to appeal to multiple generations in ways that are appropriate – and funny – to all.

(yes, my list starts off with three disney movies. I wonder if anyone else’s will?!)

4. ferris bueller’s day off. this is one of those movies we’ll stop to watch whenever we see it’s on.

5. julie and julia. the real julia child was very funny and meryl streep captures that beautifully.

6. juno.

7. amelie. especially now that I’ve been to paris. (and the soundtrack is especially wonderful).

8. men in black.

9. wedding crashers.

10. the blues brothers (oh my 1980. really??!!). admittedly I haven’t see this in a few years, but I feel like the aykroyd/belushi team will surely withstand the test of time.


  • Anonymous

    Wow – I'm totally surprised by this list! Men In Black, huh? I love romantic comedies – so Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated would be on my list! I'm also surprised Animal House wasn't on your list! Amd I have a thing for Judd Apatow – Anchorman, the 40 Year Old Virgin, and Knocked Up were hilarious! But my favorite funny movie these days is Bridesmaids!

  • Sara

    I'm also surprised at this list, although the Finding Nemo picture did make me smile – love that movie! Men in Black? I agree with Katie about Judd Apatow – Bridesmaids would totally be at the top of my list; I have to watch it when it's on.

    Also, anything with Tina Fey (I love Date Night, Mean Girls, Baby Mama).

    And a few romantic comedies – most anything with Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan.

  • Kym

    I had a hard time defining "comedy," too! Which is partly why I turned it over to my family. . . Ferris Bueller is just one of those movies that you can watch again and again and again. . .