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10 things I love about our weekend away in beaufort.

carole is enjoying a vacation from her blog this week, but I’m fresh from a long weekend away in beaufort and thought it would be fun to share 10 things I love:

dinner at saltus river grill
karen, polly and me at dinner sunday night (you can see all the photos from this year here)

1. my sister and I share the driving; she drove down and I drove home. great for knitting (I started and knit about half the leg of a my first traveling sock). and for making sure we photo the state welcome signs.

2.  the weekend runs from meal to meal. you know, where we spend time at breakfast talking about lunch (and dinner) and time at dinner talking about the next day’s meals.

3. our accommodations were luxuriously comfortable (I meant to take photos inside…oops!); the house was featured in december 2010 southern living. except for the christmas decorations, it looks just like the photos!

4. dinner conversations…my sister and I have learned so much about our mom over the course of all these dinners. something about a meal out, a few cocktails, and just feeling close.

5. pretty sights. beaufort is a lovely town full of southern charm. we walked along the waterfront and through the historic point on sunday afternoon. you really have to pay attention or you’ll miss the best little details.

6. games. I am not a game player, but everyone else in my family is. this is the only time I’ll actually offer “do you want to play a game?” (and even better, we all won!)

7. bach on the organ at sea island presbyterian. we initially chose beaufort because our longtime (since 1977!) family friend charlie is the music director there. and he plays the organ. and he knows I love bach…

8. crab cakes benedict. brunch on sunday is takeout from blackstones. five (my dad and charlie join us for lunch on saturday and brunch on sunday) orders of crab cakes benedict. they only make crab cakes for sundays. and I only have eggs benedict once a year. I don’t even like eggs benedict, but I love this dish! (and oops, another photo I did not get!)

9. instagram. this was the first trip I felt comfortable enough with the app to really use it. love the real-time sharing and how quick and fun it is.

10. continuing a tradition we started 8 years ago…truly mother/daughter weekends away are a treasure.