fo friday. three for them and one for me.

…so far, 2012 is looking like a different kind of knitting for me. less sweaters. more cowls. especially lace ones. and more for others.

one of my goals is 12 hats for charity. on new years day I had one. and now I have three (and the fourth is on the needles). I love that I’m making these hats from yarn I have…and that it’s yarn I love. I know a hat that’s not washable might not be practical…but it’s nice. and I’m sure there are folks who need a bit of nice with their hats.

december charity hat
thank you to my lovely model carter with his mom! – this is another dean street hat
january charity hat
and to carter by himself! – this is turning, a new hat pattern that I won in a blog giveaway!

next up is a cowl for katie’s future mother-in-law, jane. she has a banner birthday this weekend and we’re going to celebrate it later this month (with brunch at murphy’s). this one is definitely hard to give away!

a noble cowl for jane.
a noble cowl. raveled here.

…and finally, the one for me.
capelet done
capelet done

this is my first maggiknits. a fur-collared capelet. even though I converted the pattern to have the knitting be seamless, I had to spend hours this morning weaving in ends and sewing on the fur collar (twice – am I the only one who didn’t realize a fur collar had a right and a wrong side?!) in any event, I love the finished project and I’m excited to cast on my next maggie’s!