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the second lap.

54:365 the 2nd lap.
that’s me – moving fast to keep up with holly…on the 2nd lap

…holly and I are two days back into our two laps at the park routine. a routine I don’t think we’ve had since early december. weather, holiday visitors and vacation…those walks just didn’t happen. I missed them. and judging by holly’s pace on the second lap this morning, I think she did too. or maybe it’s just so easy to spot the squirrels and the birds now, it’s more fun for her?!

in any event, we did two laps in 41 minutes. I don’t make that kind of time with some of my human friends.

that’s a great change for holly since the summer. and for our weather since this time last year. yikes! for the record, today was shower-y and mild; highs in the low 60’s and I’m guessing – based on my hair – humidity about 90% 🙂 …make that 100%…it’s raining now!


  • Carole Knits

    How far is a lap? I walked to my friend Lois' house today so that she could help me put a zipper in a sweater. And then I walked home afterwards. It was just over 2 miles and took me 40 minutes – I'm proud of myself for that one!

  • Honoré

    Hooray for Holly! I've been eager to resume my daily walks, too, since I was under the weather last week. Just puts a whole new perspective on things. So, off I go…