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downton abbey.

57:365 downton abbey.
…as in my latest obsession. in class on sunday there was plenty of excitement about the start of the second season. I’m not sure where I was last year when season one debuted, but boy did I miss out! fortunately, the episodes are available on-line (through next tuesday, I think). so I spent many hours yesterday at my desk, with my knitting, watching tv. (and no worries, the coaster on the right started with coffee, moved to tea, and didn’t get to wine til 7pm đŸ™‚

what a gem! I love the upstairs-downstairs aspect. and lord granville’s strength of character. of course maggie smith makes anything better. and I can’t believe elizabeth mcgovern is old enough to be the matron (she’s my age, though, I guess we are that old!)

back to watching….